creative valley @ arcadia

The Way we work today

Claim your spot in the newest Creative Valley. A high-end multi-tenant office building in the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht.  Handover scheduled for September 2024.

  • The anti-office, the place your colleagues go because they want to, not because they have to. The office that will help you win the war for talent.
  • Sharing all costs with the other tenants makes us more affordable than you’d think. We offer more for less.
  • A highly sustainable building. Low in cost due to high performance on energy use and material use.
  • We know that today flexibility is key, so we offer you flexibility. Scale up or down 25% in space up to 3 months before commencement date.
creative valley @ arcadia


Very easily accessible location by both car (along the A2 motorway, high-profile location) and public transport (next to Leidsche Rijn train station) with various amenities within walking distance (Leidsche Rijn centre), such as a supermarket, gym and various F&B establishments.

creative valley @ arcadia


At Creative Valley@Arcadia you are working in the workplace of the future. You rent exactly the space you need and share all the related services and facilities. Everything revolves around

inspiration, interaction and facilitating meetings.

creative valley @ arcadia


The heart of Creative Valley@Arcadia is a vibrant place where health takes shape in multiple ways: meeting places and small meeting rooms to briefly discuss something, the wide striking main staircase invites you to ignore the elevator, the green plants provide oxygen and pleasant humidity. This creates an inspiring office landscape that encourages users to meet and move.