creative valley @ arcadia
The building

The heart of Creative Valley@Arcadia is a vibrant place where health takes shape in multiple ways: meeting places and small meeting rooms to briefly discuss something, the wide striking main staircase invites you to ignore the elevator, the green plants provide oxygen and pleasant humidity. This creates an inspiring office landscape that encourages users to meet and move.

The heart of the building is the atrium, which connects the entrance at Reykjavik Street with the boardrooms and rooftop bar. The atrium extends in the longitudinal direction of the building to form a spacious, green, open and fresh meeting space. Around the atrium is a walkway on all floors that provides access to the offices, with a view of the green heart. The brasserie, the reception area and the studios on the ground floor also have an open connection with the atrium.

  • Floors of approx. 2,200 m2 GLA, can be leased in units from approx. 720 m2 GLA. Maximum occupancy per floor approx. 160 people.

  • Excellent facilities such as a modern bicycle parking station for 224 bicycles, a brasserie, rooftop bar with roof terrace and a double boardroom.

  • A state-of-the-art sustainable building that meets ESG standards, including BREEAM Excellent rating and the ambition to obtain a WELL Gold.


The building consists of a layer on -1 for parking and technology, a ground floor, four office floors and a roof floor with a roof terrace, green roof and technology. In total, the building contains 10,369 m2 Gross Leasable Area (GLA). The tables below show the floor areas divided by use over the floors.

Bicycle: -
Public area: 48
Private lofts: -
Totaal: 48

Ground floor 
Bicycle: 291
Public area: 628
Private lofts: 315
Totaal: 48

1e floor
Bicycle: -
Public area: 542
Private lofts: 1.832
Totaal: 2.374 

2e floor
Bicycle: -
Public area: 444
Private lofts: 1.847
Totaal: 2.291 

3e floor
Bicycle: -
Public area: 449
Private lofts: 1.862
Totaal: 2.311 

4e floor
Bicycle: -
Public area: 632
Private lofts: 1.479
Totaal: 2.111 

Bicycle: -
Public area: -
Private lofts: -
Totaal: -

Floor plans


Creative Valley@Arcadia is a very sustainable building: energy-efficient, circular and flexible. In addition to high performance in terms of energy and material use, adaptability is crucial. Creative Valley@Arcadia facilitates both large and small tenants: the building can be freely divided due to the large, open floor areas and the central access via the atrium.

he use of raised floors, a sprinkler and a smart grid of induction units in the offices and climate ceilings in the atrium ensures adaptability of the building services Creative Valley@Arcadia is also tech-ready. In this way we anticipate changing use and meet current and future user requirements. Creative Valley@Arcadia naturally also meets ESG criteria.